Lasley Media is the standing leader in various types of media production work. Things such as Wedding Films, Advertisements, Corporate Films, Senior Photos, Wedding Photos, Sports Photos, and Event Photography is just part of what we do. You name it, we'll find a way to do it. We can guarantee that you will not find another company with the skills that we have for a better value than what we offer to you. That's part of the promise that we will always keep true in our company. 

Lasley Media is a team of 3 High School content creators; Cam Lasley, Sean Smith, and Aaron Adams. Back in 2014, we wanted to start our own YouTube channel describing basic technology terms. After about 2 months of no success, we wanted to do something more... We wanted to go head-on into photography and video production. Two years later, we've been recognized by two state-wide news sources and now working with local businesses to help promote their products. We work together as a team to learn, create, and produce high quality photos and videos at an affordable price to our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience with us, we'll refund the cost of our services to you. That's how confident that we are in our work. 

Cameron Lasley
Founder and CEO

Basing the company off the principals of quality>quantity, Cam has set the standard for media production quality in the region. With over four years of behind-the-camera experience, Cam is surely the one you'll want to have capturing every image. 

Aaron Adams
Assistant Camera Ops

Having many talents is something that Aaron puts to use daily. His positive humor, focusing ability, and a willingness to learn makes Aaron an addition that we value greatly. While he is still being trained in video production, Aaron is always there to give us a helping hand when we need it. 

Sean Smith
Video Producer/Editor

As a business partner from the very start, Sean's excellent organizational and time management skills makes him the perfect partner to keep our projects and content flowing smoothly. His excellent camera skills provide confidence to the other members, knowing that he'll always have a great shot.

Zoey Irwin
Assistant Camera Ops

Engineering-fanatic, DIY-loving Tanner is there when we need a young, creative mind to help us create a custom part or product for media production. Custom mic mounts, support brackets, or a replacement tripod plate, Tanner has us covered. He's also here if we need an extra camera man at a very busy venue.

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