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Hey there, I'm Cam! I'm the founder of Lasley Media, where quality is our top priority in all the work we do. I gained interest in photography at a young age with my first camera, a Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot. I'm pretty sure I took so many pictures with it that it just stopped working. I decided that photography was something that I truly loved, and that's what I wanted to do professionally. 

In 2015 we were given our first opportunity to shoot a wedding video for a couple in our church when their videographer had to back out on them last-minute, something that no one wants to have to face just a few weeks before your big day. This was a HUGE learning curve for us, as this was something we hadn't done before. Not only did we get first-hand experience right off the bat, but we also got a real-world taste of how crazy and hectic wedding media can be. 

Eventually, we strived for something more, as weddings didn't come along very often in our small town. That's when we reached out to LaRue County Athletics Director David Dawson about trying some athletics photography. At the time, there wasn't really anyone consistently posting images of our athletics teams at their games, so that's where I decided to step in and "shoot my shot". Not only was this a huge hit with the community members, it was also a huge hit with the players as well. They had never had a photographer that produced digital images that they could post online for their own use and to promote themselves to colleges and athletics institutions for post-graduation athletics participation. 

In 2016 we were named the official photographer of LCHS athletics, meaning all official photographs for press release came from us. This was huge! What started out as a passion became a huge opportunity for us. 

Fast forward to 2018, I enrolled in Campbellsville University's broadcasting program. Not only did this allow me to learn more about production work, it also opened my eyes to radio production and live television work. In my first semester, all the MAC175 class students were required to be on-air for at least eight two-hour sessions. We could play any music in our automation system and actually talk live-on air as if we were hosting our own radio talk show. This was awesome and really boosted my confidence talking in front of a large audience. 

In addition to being on-air, I was also offered a part-time position with the university doing AV work for them. This was a huge opportunity for me. The Ransdell chapel on campus is one of the most technologically advanced buildings on campus. As part of my job, I have the opportunity to run FOH sound every week for an event called "The Vine" which is essentially a Wednesday night youth for college students. We have anywhere from 100-200 students every Thursday night! I get to work with the Allen & Heath dLive C3500 console, one of their flagship consoles they make. This has given me tons of real-world experience with running sound in live venues at concert-level volumes, so a proper mix is essential! 

My journey is far from over, and I can't wait to see what the next opened door is for us to grow, expand, and learn in a new field!

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